From: Cesar Galano - Professional Copywriter
Subject: Turn words into money for you.

Dear entrepreneur,

Selling online is tough.

With so many charlatans out there, the consumer is getting more skeptical every day, causing the job of selling to become a nightmare for product creators or service professionals.

Even if you have a superior product, you still need the right words to sell it to your audience.

It is not easy to find the words that you need to turn your prospects into customers.

In fact, if you don't have the experience, the skills or the time, copywriting can cause you MANY midnight headaches.

Here's the bottom line.

Regardless of what others say, hiring a good copywriter is the key to making your product or service stand out from the crowd, while making money in the process (isn't that what we are here for?).

Without a doubt, putting your sales letter into the hands of a professional copywriter can be a lifesaver.

top-notch copywriter

Save your precious time, which you can spend on other areas of your  business

    Do the hard work of selling for you, while you're developing plans and strategies

 Turn your product into a money printing machines

My name is Cesar Galano and I am a copywriting maestro (over 5 years in the trenches), and also a product creator.

I have written professional copy for hundreds of customers, and when it comes to copywriting I know a thing or two.

You will rarely find me spending time on the main discussion forum writing posts or debating, because I am so busy delighting my clients by churning out powerful copy that I rarely have the time to breathe.

I understand how hard it is to turn your prospects into customers.

There is so much information that needs to be conveyed and so many hurdles to making a sale that if you do not carefully choose what you say, you can say au revoir to your prospects.

I always compare copywriting to a double-edged weapon: it can make you tons of money, or it can practically kill your business.

Look, I want you to be honest...

If you're reading my words right now, it is because you might need help with the selling of your product (or service).

Let me tell you something...

I'm here to write copy for you!

I'm the copywriter you are looking for - a true copywriting professional that will transform your business with magical and persuasive words.

Call me arrogant if you want but I am 100% sure that my stealthy ninja copywriting tactics, combined with my dedication and perseverance, can make you more money than you can handle.

That’s a good thing isn't it?

There is a HUGE difference between amateur and professional copywriters.

The first group creates filler copy to give the impression that by writing more, they might actually make a sale or two.

The second group creates TRUE copy that is only focused on making the reader TAKE ACTION.

Can you see the difference?

Mediocre copy might seem to be effective but it is not.

On the other hand, premium copy crafted by someone who knows the ins and outs of copywriting gives you RESULTS.

Unlike amateur copywriters, I truly create carefully crafted PREMIUM copy that will make your visitors take whatever action you want them to do.

No exceptions

-An extreme conversion rate. Watch how visitors start to take action on your website when they are driven by persuasive and seductive wording, all while you sit back and watch the sales and opt-ins roll in!

-Money (and lots of it). I know exactly how to emotionally reach your prospects (remember that emotions drive logic) and make them purchase even the most expensive product.

-Professionalism. No more deceptions. I'm sure you are tired of amateur copywriters letting you down all the time by never making your deadlines or by delivering inferior copy. No more excuses and wasted time. I'm like an Englishman, always punctual.

-Communication. It is important that I deliver superior copy and it is more important that you are completely satisfied. Communication is must; I'll let you know all the details of how our project is going by sending you daily e-mail reports. Do you know any other copywriter that does that?

-Tranquility. Relax and grab a cup of coffee while I do the hard work for you. Knowing that your copywriting is in the hands of a true professional is a really cool feeling and that's certainly what you will feel. Apart from all these benefits, you will get unlimited revisions.

Visualize yourself a few weeks from now, with your product/service out there.

Hordes of people are raving about what you're offering, flooding your website with orders, and making purchases like there is no tomorrow.

Sales and opt-ins are pouring in and you feel that this is just the beginning of something really great; a true passive income, day in, day out.

You can now focus on developing new products or services, all while your personal "autopilot money making machine" continues to feed your bank account.

Let's get back to this moment.

ow does it feel?

I agree with you.

A feeling like this is basically the dream of every person living on this planet

You can make this happen, not next year, or even next month, but TODAY.

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Hi Cesar,

I just wanted to thank you for the sales copy and the promo material you wrote. The sales copy flows incredibly well, that is exactly what I'm looking for.

I would not hesitate to use your copy writing services again and recommend you to others.

Thanks  :)

Hi everyone,

To be honest I really didn’t want to write this because I’m trying to keep Cesar a secret.

 Since I’ve been online for the last 9 years, I’ve used at least a dozen different copywriters for all sorts of different projects of mine. I’ve used copywriters who’ve charged me four and even five figures to write a sales letter, but for my money Cesar is the absolute best copyrighter around by far, and his work run rings around those other high priced so called copywriting ‘experts’ I’ve used.

It doesn’t matter what you need...a squeeze page....a sales letter....a video script....a email autoresponder series. Cesar has an incredible and unique talent of being able to write copy in a way that really compels prospects to lean in and keep reading the copy, all without a lot of hype or BS. And that’s something very few copywriters can do well.

If you want copy that really sells, then Cesar is your man, and he will do a phenomenal job for you.

I recently employed Cesar and promised him I would leave an honest review and that is my intention.

My situation was somewhat complicated, I was rushed, on a time crunch and had roughly 6 other writers "apparently" begin work but never contact me again, view my previous posts to find an honest review of one of those writers as well.

Cesar was the only writer to actually come through and do the job he was being paid to do.

The sales copy I received was formatted and ready to be copied and pasted into my wso thread. It required 0 work from me which, when in a crunch like I was is perfect.

He kept me in the loop even when I was sitting on my dock enjoying a dr pepper and vodka I was receiving email updates to my iphone. Professional? I think so.

He delivered the work on time, which is rare in this day and age.

After all was said and done I was happy to pay my balance with him through paypal and have adopted him as my go to writer, I recommend you do the same.

In this game having go to service providers is key, Cesar fits the bill for me, no reason he wouldn't for you.

Thanks again buddy,

I have 2 or 3 more jobs lined up for you in the upcoming weeks, let me just iron out the kinks.

Thanks again

Dylan K

Cesar did a great job making a sales page for me. I have not put it up yet, because I am going to use it on a new site I am creating. Of course, I am not a copy-writing expert, but I think he did a marvelous job.

Not only was the copy he wrote excellent - but he always kept me informed. Whenever you hire someone, you expect to be updated routinely. While he worked on my project, he send me emails along the way.

Some people you hire become like ghosts and you don't know what's happening. Cesar was great at keeping me informed of the progress of the copy.

I think he is excellent!


Cesar is professional, responsive, and QUICK. I'm 200% satisfied with working with him. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. Without a doubt worth every penny.

Cory Hening


Smart Pack: $342 (save $20!)
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Squeeze page.

Delivery time: 7-9 days

Advanced Pack: $372 (save $20!)
Long form sales letter.
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2 auto-responder messages.

Delivery time: 7-11 days

Ultimate Pack: $419 (save $10!)
Long form sales letter.
Squeeze page.
4 auto-responder messages.
1 adwords ad.

Delivery time: 8-11 days

Entrepreneur Pack: $543 (save $10)
Long form sales letter.
Squeeze Page.
6 auto-responder messages.
2 adwords ads.
1 affiliate page.

Delivery time: 9-15 days

I can write just about anything.

It doesn't matter if you're into real estate, parenting, make money online, health, internet marketing, esoteric, fitness or even the worm farming niche.

As long as your niche is not illegal, you can bet that I will deliver top class copy that will connect with your audience using the jargon they speak.

Your audience will be comfortable with the way I talk to them, and most importantly, they will feel that they are dealing with a true guru in their niche who knows what he is talking about.

And as you might guess, that's truly important.

1- Send me an email to COPY [AT] CESARGALANO.COM to discuss your project.

2- Following our discussion, and if we reach an agreement, I will send you an invoice.

3- Upon payment, I will send you a questionnaire. You only have to fill it out and send
it back to me.

4- After receiving the questionnaire, I'll immediately put pen to paper.

5- I will contact you everyday to let you know how your project is going, and as soon I
finish it, I will send it to you for revision.

That's it!

As you can see, the process can't be easier.

If I were you, I would not hesitate as I get fully booked quickly.

As quick as the blink of an eye.

You won't find this quality at these prices.

You can find PLENTY of cheap copywriters but let's be serious...

You will have nightmares when working with them (God knows I have in the past).

It's not uncommon to experience horrible delays in turnaround time, poor quality work, a complete lack of compromise, and excuses, excuses and more excuses.

When working with me, you'll see that getting things done is a breeze.

You won't be disappointed with my speedy turnaround time and outstanding copy.

That's a promise.

To conclude, you have two choices now...

Keep struggling with copywriting (and with unprofessional copywriters) or contact me.

I know you're going to make the right choice...

Thank you for reading this letter.

I'll catch you on the flip side!

Cesar Galano.

cesar galano

Remember that I will get fully booked quickly and I'm sure you don't want to delay the launch of your product or services one moment more.

This is a unique opportunity that you just can't afford to pass by, mainly because you won't find such an outstanding service ANYWHERE. Let's talk, and I can assure you that this will be the best move you'll ever make.

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